With lots of cash and credit card transactions potentially being made in a restaurant, all business owners in the industry should be making security and risk prevention a top priority. In fact, restaurant owners should strive to implement an efficient security strategy from the moment they launch their business, not only to ensure cash and products on site are safe but also for their staff and customers. After all, your restaurant, bar or tavern might be an attractive target for criminals due to the hefty amount of money that can be accumulated on a daily basis.

If you are in the restaurant industry, we’ve put together our top tips on keeping your business safe and preventing risk at your premises.

Introduce controlled access

As a business owner, it’s vital that you’re in control of who is able to unlock and lock your business – and what’s more, when they can access your premises. If you haven’t already you need to introduce a controlled access system at your restaurant. And, instead of giving keys out to a number of staff members, install a keyless system at entry points, as well as any areas that need additional security.

Install proper lighting

Make sure you’ve installed proper lighting, both internally and externally at your restaurant. Internally, any dark areas where there is insufficient lighting will only invite criminals to act, making it easier to target your business.

Equally, consider installing external lighting outside of your restaurant – up the stakes further by ensuring they have motion sensors. These will help to deter any criminals who are considering targeting your business.

Install a CCTV and alarm systems

If you haven’t already, you need to install an efficient CCTV and alarm system. Cameras should be placed internally and externally, especially in more vulnerable areas, for example, where your till is.

Even if external crime isn’t a concern of yours, installing a CCTV and alarm system can help prevent internal theft from employees, as well as stop customers leaving your restaurant without paying.

It’s also worth noting that CCTV footage can prove extremely useful if or when you’re wanting to prove criminal activity took place. You can also use the footage to show the police, which can support you with insurance claims.

You should consider hiring external professionals, like those at Stonewall Security and making use of their keyholding and/or alarm response service. This way, if your restaurant is targeting by criminals when you’re not there, the experienced team at Stonewall Security can respond quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to improve your restaurant’s security?

If you own a restaurant, then it might be time to review your security strategy. The highly-skilled and fully trained professionals at Stonewall Security can help ensure you have the correct security measures in place to suit your business. As well as supporting you with CCTV, alarm response and keyholding, Stonewall Security also offer a number of other services which could prove useful to your restaurant, including static guards. 

Get in touch with Stonewall Security and create a security strategy bespoke to your restaurant business.

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