If you own a retail business, then protecting your staff, stock and premises are sure to be a top priority. After all, the chances are, your business is your baby and you’ll want to ensure it’s just as secure as your own home – especially after hearing that in 2020, a huge £1 billion was lost to thieving criminals specifically targeting the retail industry. The good news is, there are plenty of theft deterrents you can get your hands on pretty quickly and start using today.


If you haven’t already installed CCTV at your shop, then it’s about time you did. Alternatively, if you already have CCTV then you might want to consider upgrading your current system or at least testing it to make sure it works correctly.

Not only is CCTV a physical deterrent for thieves, but it also provides you with a valuable source of video evidence if needed, helping you catch criminals or assist police in pursuing convictions.

Security signs

Making sure you’ve placed clear signage around your shop is sure to put off potential thieves from committing a crime. What’s more, signage is a cost-effective way to let your customers know they are being protected while they shop.

Product security

Adding security directly to your merchandise is a great way to protect your stock from theft. There are a number of physical security options that you can add to your products including:

  • Security tags (commonly used for clothes)
  • Bottle locks
  • Security labels or tags (mainly for electronic items)

Alarm system

Installing an alarm system will give you 24/7 peace of mind, even when you’re not there.

You might also decide to choose an alarm system that is triggered by unauthorised product security leaving the premises. This will not only add that extra level of security to your shop but also mean that you don’t need to put that added responsibility on staff to keep a constant eye on customers.

Physical security guards

There’s no denying it, having a professional security guard present on-site will discourage thieves from even entering your store in the first place, let alone deter them from actually committing a crime. 

Whether it’s a guard manning the door, or an in-store security guard – static or patrolling the shop – having a physical person on-site will also help your customers feel more secure and protected while shopping too. Of course, the visible presence of manned security guards also gives thieves and criminals in the area a clear message that you’re on top of your security. 

Boost your security and prevent thieves from targeting you

Whether you’re looking at refreshing your current security system or wanting to implement a whole new security strategy, get in touch with the professionals at Stonewall Security. From physical guards to CCTV systems, our team of experts is here to ensure you have the best security to suit your retail shop. What’s more, our team is committed to providing a quick response for all of our clients, which means we can advise and help you install physical theft deterrents and protect your store today. Get in touch with Stonewall Security.

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