With summer months just a stone’s throw away, it’s crucial that businesses avoid becoming a victim of crime by giving their security strategy some extra thought and ensuring their premises is totally protected. With research revealing that crime numbers spike in the summer, here are seven security tips from Stonewall Security, to help you best prepare your business.

Make sure all windows and doors are closed when empty

This sounds like an obvious one, but far too often, staff are accidentally leaving windows and doors open at the end of their shift, making access to the premises easier than ever for criminals waiting to pounce. 

Be sure your employees are all aware of your security policies and know to leave the premises secure if they’re the last to leave.

Test before closing

If you are closing your business for a number of weeks, or even months over the summer, then be sure to test your security equipment at least one week prior to shutting down. Making sure your alarm systems and CCTV are both working efficiently will give you total peace of mind when you’re not there.

Protect valuable documents and equipment

With school holidays taking place and the weather getting warmer, you might find there are more people lingering near your business or notice a rise in anti-social behaviour within your location. If you predict this will be the case, it could be worth you bringing in extra security services over the summer months – think mobile patrols and static guards.

Add extra CCTV and alarms in tech-heavy areas

If there is a specific area of your business that would be particularly attractive to thieves, for example, an IT room bursting full of expensive tech, then it’s worth adding additional CCTV systems and alarms as an extra precaution.

Be aware of any local events

If your business is located in a lively location, it might be that the nightlife near you is a little busier during the summer – we’re talking about festivals and events, which would see an increase in people in that area. Keep up-to-date with any up-and-coming local events, and put any additional security measures in place if necessary. If you have closed your business during this time, it might be worth paying security professionals, like Stonewall Security to check in on your premises.

Use lighting to deter criminals

Criminals know that businesses might be empty for longer over the summer and they will be waiting to target vulnerable premises. Lighting can act as a visible deterrent for thieves, and could instantly put them off breaking into your business. You might use external security lighting that automatically comes on when they detect motion, or you put internal lights on a timer so your premises doesn’t look empty 24/7 – or both. Either option is sure to help put criminals off targeting your business.

Keep your security provider up-to-date

Over summer, the chances are, people will be going on holiday, or the business might be closed for a period of time – with this in mind, make sure you keep on top of your keyholder list. What’s more, keep your security team up-to-date too, so they know who to contact if your business’s alarm happens to go off.

At Stonewall Security, we’re committed to keeping businesses across Rugby and the Midlands protected this summer. From CCTV, to alarm response or key holding, Stonewall Security is your one-stop shop to a safer summer. Contact us today.

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