It’s hard to think of an event that’s had a bigger impact on businesses than COVID-19. But one area that has been a particular challenge is business security. Business security in Rugby, Warwickshire and other areas of the West Midlands has been particularly impacted, due to the many large sites and venues in the area, and here is why you may need to tighten your security at this time.

Empty sites are a security risk

One of the main reasons there has been a surge in demand for professional security services is the increase in empty commercial sites. With so many people working from home, there’s an increased risk of vandalism or theft in the empty offices that are left behind. You should consider using a professional security company to patrol your site. Professional security can also be a good deterrent if someone is looking for an easy target.

Events need increased security

A lot of events were cancelled due to the pandemic, and while places like bars and theatres are starting to reopen, there are strict rules about social distancing and running venues. If you’re holding an event, it’s worth speaking to experts like StoneWall Security about event security solutions. You may need extra people on the door or in your venue to guide people. You may also need additional people to fill security jobs in Rugby to enforce things like mask wearing and deal with difficult situations that can arise due to these extra rules.

Security people provide reassurance

Sometimes, simply having extra security on site can provide reassurance in these difficult times. If you have a site with a lot of visitors or customers, then it’s helpful just to have some extra people around to patrol and help with any issues, ensuring people feel welcomed on your site.

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