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The Twelve Days of Christmas Security

Christmas is a time of peace and joy, but not for everyone.  With expensive presents, packages, and treats overflowing in our homes, it can be rich pickings for thieves and burglars.  Nobody wants their Christmas ruined or hard-earned luxuries taken. Security is our...

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When the alarm goes off

Nobody wants a phone call in the middle of the night - these never bring good news.  Even worse is a phone call that requires you to get out of bed.  However, if you own a business premises, the chances are that at some point you’ll get one of those calls, when the...

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Stonewall Security at the Tuning Fork

Our Security Officers Klaude Plaku & Peter Macioi at the tuning fork - Looking good feeling good charity event on Thursday 15th June. Thanks to Annie Johnston who covered the event and took these snaps of our fab guards!

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Rugby School 450th International 7’s

We were very honoured & proud to be part of a very special afternoon at Rugby School celebrating their 450th Anniversary at their International 7s Tournament! A big well done to the organisers for an amazing day, and all the teams, you played...

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