Nobody wants a phone call in the middle of the night – these never bring good news.  Even worse is a phone call that requires you to get out of bed.  However, if you own a business premises, the chances are that at some point you’ll get one of those calls, when the alarm goes off or an incident occurs.

Our keyholding and alarm response service takes away that burden and allows you to sleep soundly.

How It Works

We take a set of your keys and hold them for you in a secure, locked location.

If your alarm goes off out of hours, the alarm company will first contact us.  One of our trained and qualified security officers will attend the property with the keys and relevant codes to turn off the alarm.  If there has been an incident or crime, we will keep the property secure and wait for the police to arrive.  If you need to attend at that point, we will call you.

This may sound like a luxury, but there are some key reasons why this service can be vital for the security and success of your business.

Why do I need a keyholding service?

  1. See the signs. Often, simply having one of our signs on your property is enough to deter a burglar.  Knowing that there is a professional team on call, who will be there quickly and know what to do, will make them think twice and move on.
  2. Get a restful night’s sleep. Alarm call outs in the night can take a great toll on you, particularly if false alarms happen fairly regularly.  The broken sleep, stress and anxiety are all unwelcome consequences and can have an ongoing business on your health and your productivity in the business.
  3. Where are the keys? If the alarm needs to be accessed 24/7, where are you going to keep the keys so that they are always on hand? Are you always going to have them on your person?  The last thing you want is for the alarm to be sounding and realise that the keys are a taxi ride away. What happens if they get lost or stolen?
  4. Don’t make unnecessary demands on your staff. Most alarm companies request 2 named key holders that can be contacted 24/7.  This often puts undue pressure on staff who may not want that responsibility.  They will also need to be fully trained in how to disable the alarm, and what to do in an emergency.
  5. Protect everybody’s work life balance. It may not be practical for either you or your staff to attend callouts after hours either, particularly if you have young children in the house or other responsibilities.  There are also holidays, evenings out and nights away to navigate without the added stress of who is on call.
  6. Get there quickly. You may not live near your property, so it may take you some time to reach it.  There may be things you need to do before you can leave and secure your own house (get dressed for one!). Our security guards will be there within 20 minutes.
  7. Keep everyone safe. It can be a very dangerous and scary situation if there is a genuine intruder.  Our security guards are fully trained and have a strict procedure to follow, keeping you, your property and themselves safe.
  8. Stay within the law.  You could be contravening health and safety legislation if you put a lone worker at risk by sending them into an unknown situation without support.  Also, since the Corporate Manslaughter Act was introduced in 2008, you could be liable for any harm that came to any of your employees as a result of an alarm response.  These are crises which can be easily avoided by leaving it to us.

So, there’s more than a good night’s sleep at stake and, for less than £10 a week, we can look after your business whilst you concentrate on more important things.

If you’d like to talk to our team about our keyholding and alarm response service, drop us a line or call us on 01788 561 244


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