Whether it’s providing security for your business, or safeguarding an up-and-coming event, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional security company, just like Stonewall Security. But what are the roles of a security team just like ours?

Before we start, it’s important to remember that security companies like Stonewall Security, provide a whole host of services and this means, the roles between each, might differ, depending on what they offer.

1. A Strong Visible Presence

Anyone who has worked with a professional security company will know that one of the main reasons for bringing in the experts is to create a strong visible presence. In other words, this means having visible security on-site, including manned guarding, mobile patrols, or even a CCTV system.

Whatever the location, whether it’s a business, a school, a shopping centre, an event, or a housing estate, having visible security present is priceless. From deterring criminals to ensuring your staff feel safe, or giving event participants that much-needed peace of mind, sometimes all it takes is to have some sort of visible security in place.

2. To Protect

One of the main roles of a security team is, of course, to protect people and property.

Ultimately, using a security company will undoubtedly offer that extra level of protection. Whether that’s manned guarding, or mobile patrols physically protecting your site, staff, and visitors, or a CCTV system, which allows people to look back and watch footage when incidents have taken place.

3. Vigilance

Let’s be honest, one of the key reasons for hiring a security company is so you can sleep easy, knowing your site or event is in safe hands. If you’re working with manned security, a crucial part of their role is to be your eyes, nose and ears. From any unusual behaviour to dangerous smells – including gas and chemical leaks, or burning cables – a good security team needs to remain vigilant at all times, so they can identify anything suspicious at the earliest possible opportunity.

4. To Observe And Report

As well as preventing criminal activity and protecting a site, the role of a security team is to also report following any incidents that place.

This means sharing all the details of the incident with a business owner, event planner, or even law enforcement, to ensure a business or organisation can prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.

Furthermore, teams like those at Stonewall Security really are there from start to finish, to support, help and advise you in putting the correct security system in place, to match your needs, budget and requirements.

5. To Act Quickly In A Crisis

If a security guard is present on-site, then it’s important that they’re able to respond to a situation immediately.

While not all situations require that level of urgency, a crucial role of security professionals, is to act quickly, when necessary. This means staying on high alert and being able to assess situations, whether that will prevent potential crime before it takes place or stops a situation from getting out of hand by intercepting quickly.

6. Maintaining Order

The great thing about working with a professional security team is that you know they – as experts – are there to keep things under control in times of crisis, if necessary.

Of course, the main aim of a security team will be to keep your location safe on a day-to-day basis, however, there might be times of crisis or crowd management – and when that does happen, having the professionals on site will prove priceless.

Trained experts, like those at Stonewall Security, have the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively handle these – sometimes dangerous – types of situations and better still, identify any potential problems before they cause further issues.

7. Access Control

It might be that you’ve hired a security team to control admission to an event. Simply put, you’ll be wanting them to double up and act almost as a receptionist too. They will be the first people any visitors see, which means that it’s vital they act friendly and approachable, while not forgetting to remain professional, on guard and alert.

It is becoming more and more common to bring in the professionals when it comes to security and it’s clear to see why. From preventing potential criminal activity to giving staff and visitors peace of mind, there are plenty of essential reasons why you should be introducing security at your business or event. Get in touch with Stonewall Security and our friendly team of experts will help you decide which security system is best for you.

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