It’s common knowledge that every commercial premise should have some variation of security system installed in order to protect the property from criminals and possibly vandals. However, it can be hard to know which type of alarm response to install without knowing the advantages of the many different types.

Luckily for you, we’ve comprised a list of the many advantages of commercial wireless alarm systems, which have timelessly proven to be one of the most popular choices of business security solutions.

Round-the-clock protection

Unlike other methods of commercial premises security, such as hiring security guards (which may be an effective deterrent during opening hours), wireless system alarms can provide 24/7 protection, as well as usually coming with video in order to watch back an event, should something occur. Many commercial wireless systems also come equipped with other safety features such as a fire or smoke alarm too, making it a versatile investment.

Battery operated

One of the major defining factors of a commercial wireless system is that it is battery operated, which means it does not rely on electricity. This ensures that the security system will continue to run even during blackouts, which can be a prime time for criminals to strike.

Relocation made easy

Because they run on battery power, wireless alarm systems are incredibly easy to remove and relocate. This is ideal if you change your premises around and want to refocus where the stronghold of alarms are placed. It’s particularly convenient for shops that have stock movement on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or perhaps for schools that wish to change where their main entrance is located.

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