With lockdown restrictions easing, it looks like the country is finally starting to claw back a bit of normality. This means we will soon see the return of socialising, group gatherings and of course, live events. And with large audiences already being trialled at sports games and mass participation music gigs, the return of regular events is imminent.

While this an exciting time for event organisers up-and-down the country, it is crucial that they remember that the coronavirus pandemic is still fresh in everyone’s minds. This means that although the restrictions are being lifted, life won’t return to how it was pre-lockdown, overnight and understandably, not everyone will feel totally comfortable heading out to an event bursting with people straight away. The safety and wellbeing of attendees needs to remain a priority for all event organisers, which means hiring professional security an essential part of the planning process.

If you’re still wondering why you should hire professional event security, post-covid, here’s three top reasons from Stonewall Security, which demonstrate why it is an absolute no brainer.

Professional support

To enable organisations to really move forward and make progress following the pandemic, they need to employ professional security support. Expert teams like those at Stonewall Security provide the essential knowledge needed to ensure your event complies with the latest rules, regulations and restrictions.

As an event planner, your time will be stretched, especially as you’ve had a good year-and-a-half out of practice. This means that being able to pass on event security to a professional and reliable organisation like Stonewall, that you can trust, will enable you to optimise your time better, while knowing the security is in safe hands.

Of course, it’s more important than ever to remember there’s not a one size fits all security system for every event post lockdown. To reduce any chance of risk, it’s vital to have a professional organisation like Stonewall Security, embedded in the event plan from the very start of the organisational process and right up until the last attendee has left. This way, they can advise and support event leads to ensure their security plan suits their event.

Improving confidence in attendees

Hiring professional security for your event will not only provide the highest safety standards at your event but it will also install that much-needed confidence in those attending.

As previously mentioned, it’s likely that some people will feel torn between wanting to attend events and their concerns about socialising with people and in some cases, strangers, following more than a year in lockdown. Hiring professional security can ensure those attending feel more comfortable that confident that safety regulations are being complied with.

Ensuring event complies with rules and regulations

This is a biggie and probably one of the most important reasons why you need professional security at your event.

It can’t be assumed that although events will be taking place again, all rules and restrictions will suddenly not apply anymore. Of course, this up-and-coming transition period will be tricky to manage but luckily, Stonewall Security will act as your right-hand-man, ensuring that your event complies with rules and regulations, like the wearing of facemasks and attendee numbers.

Ultimately, not hiring professional security at your event could prove detrimental. If the rules and regulations aren’t followed, and attendees don’t feel comfortable, then this could have a huge negative impact on both your event and business. The last thing any organisation wants when they’re making a comeback after the past year, is a bad review, a timely complaint or even worse, negative media coverage. Avoid any unnecessary stress by hiring a professional team like Stonewall Security.

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