There are many different services a professional security resource can provide for your business – and a core duty we at Stonewall Security consider essential, is keyholding. Keyholding is a specialist service we offer our clients, and in short, it simply means that we hold keys to your property or premises, putting us in prime position for a direct response if required. Below, we outline the benefits of using keyholding services.

Reduced Risk

One of the obvious benefits of using keyholding services is that you don’t have to respond to an alarm or incident in person. Not only is there an aspect of convenience to this, but it also protects you from any potential risk. If an alarm goes off at your property, and you respond in person, you could literally be walking into a highly hostile situation or environment. Not only is this unlikely to be something you are equipped or trained to handle, consider the possibility that an alarm could be deliberately triggered to lure you to the property.

As a professional, established company, Stonewall Security officers have had appropriate training to deal with any situation they encounter – calmly, confidently, and in force. As trained professionals, we will respond, enter your property, evaluate the risk and circumstances – and disband and deal with them effectively.


Whatever your circumstances, no matter where in the world you are, or what you might be doing – using a keyholder service means you are covered.

As a local company that is locally managed and locally staffed, be rest assured that we are always on hand, and never far away. If you entrust your keyholding to employees, their response and availability is far from guaranteed. Whether you are on holiday, having a night off, are indisposed, or simply unavailable, using our keyholder service means you are covered 24/7, 365 days a year.

A further aspect of our keyholding services that provides additional convenience, is a lock and unlock service. Our security officers can ensure your property is opened or secured at specific times to suit your operations. They can also undertake building checks, clear a property, and set your alarm for you. This further helps to effectively minimise risk and maximise security for you.

Threat Reduction

The benefits of using keyholding services also extends to reducing the likelihood of an incident. By protecting your property or premises with a professional security company, it not only acts as a serious deterrent to criminals, but it can also reduce insurance costs.

At a time when many premises are being left empty for significant periods of time, due to increased working from home, having a security service as a visible keyholder when the office isn’t at full capacity shows your business isn’t an easy target.

Protection that is more than just security

One of the benefits of using keyholder services from Stonewall Security is the expertise and experience this gives you access to. It’s one of the reasons many of our clients turn to us to implement effective and comprehensive lone worker safety policies and welfare checks. We provide clear communication and training that ensures your lone workers know what to do in an emergency, as well as evacuation procedures and who to contact.

From how to respond should someone attempt to enter the property, to dealing with aggressive clients – we ensure that your lone workers have the right support and protection in place to safeguard you and your business.

Leave it to the professionals

If you task your staff or yourself with keyholding duties, you are potentially exposing either them or you to undue stress and potential legal issues.

It is too much to expect your employees, or even yourself, to be able to cope with the high stress of being victims of a crime, or having to deal with a potentially dangerous situation. And if a member of your staff is injured or traumatised whilst carrying out keyholder duties, a compensation claim is highly likely.

By outsourcing keyholder services, you gain expert situation handling. We know what action to take, how to appropriately contact the emergency services, and report a crime. As a business owner, you have a duty to put in place the right security measures to protect your business, assets, and staff. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of using keyholding services with Stonewall Security, get in touch today.

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