A threat to security is usually one of the biggest concerns of a business owner, making it essential to put some sort of system in place – for peace of mind, if nothing else. And, if you’re not yet convinced that you need to protect your premises, then all you need to do is listen to the statistics, with recent figures (2018 being the latest available) revealing that there was a total of 606, 282 crimes against businesses across England and Wales. Worst still, nearly 10,000 of those were thefts by employees1, shifting the focus from simply protecting your business from external factors but, internal threats too.

Furthermore, with fewer people now actually in the office at one time following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s never been more vital for you to make sure your business is secure 24/7. And remember, when you’re installing a security system, the three main goals that should be achieved are: deterring crime, detecting intruders and responding to threats. So, with that in mind, here are the first steps you should take when building a security system at your business.

1. Expert advice and guidance

Sadly, if a professional criminal wants to offend – whether that be breaking into a premises, or committing vandalism – then the chances are they’ll know what to look for and the weakest security spots at your business. The best way to solve this is by calling in the experts like those at Stonewall Security.

Of course, with a plethora of security services out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or side-tracked when exploring your options. Having a chat with a team of knowledgeable experts will ensure you install a security system that best suits your requirements and needs.

2. Surveillance

Surveillance can include anything from guards on patrol to CCTV – services that keep an eye on potential intruders. Depending on your budget and needs, there are plenty of options available – all of which will help deter crime too.

CCTV is not only the perfect way to physically discourage offenders but also provides businesses with the ability to catch the crime on camera. Better still, have your CCTV monitored 24/7 by a professional security team, to guarantee total peace of mind.

3. Alarm and response

If an offence, emergency, or unexpected incident does take place, what are the next steps? You need to have some sort of alarm and response system prepared. That could be utilising the keyholding and lock/unlock service from Stonewall Security, leaving them to respond to the incident, whatever time of day. Alternatively, thanks to advances in modern technology, you, or a specific member of staff, could be notified in the case of an emergency when an alarm is triggered.

4. Car park security

Take things up a level and secure your car park – and we’re talking security guards or mobile patrols. As well as acting as a physical deterrent, security officers will also be able to respond quickly, efficiently, and professionally if an incident does occur.

Ultimately, securing your business is a must. However, when it comes to what level of security you put in place, well that depends on your individual requirements. In most cases though, if you follow these first steps, that will be enough to give you a basic level of security to deter and detect any criminal activity.

Don’t become a victim of crimes against businesses and contact Stonewall Security today.

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