If security at your business has taken a back seat over the past one-and-a-half years, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. After all, with the ongoing pandemic at the forefront of everyone’s minds and some locations having minimal or in some cases, no staff on-site for quite some time, then you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t given security a second thought. However, with life finally starting to feel that bit more normal again, securing your business should now be a priority. Implementing or improving security on site, not only gives you peace of mind but also, your employees too. Knowing that you value the safety of your business and those who work for you, can be a massive tick when it comes to staff feeling valued and reassured, especially as workers begin to make that much-anticipated return to the office.

If you’re looking at improving your business’s security strategy, then why not consider mobile patrols? Like those at Stonewall Security, mobile patrols are uniformed security officers, who patrol your premises at specific times, often outside your standard operating hours. So, what are the benefits to using mobile patrols, like those at Stonewall Security?

A visible deter

One of the most obvious benefits to mobile patrols is that they are in marked cars, which means that your onsite security will be instantly noticeable from a distance. Knowing that security is present acts as an immediate warning and deterrent for anyone considering committing a criminal activity.

Being able to patrol multiple locations

An undeniable huge advantage of using mobile patrols is that the officers can monitor several areas during their shift, which can be especially important if your business is on a larger premises. By keeping an eye on multiple locations across the site, mobile patrols ensure your entire premises is safe, rather than just one specific spot.

Ability to get to potential crime quickly

Not only are mobile patrols physically present on your premises but they can also act quickly in case of an emergency. Having that instant access to a vehicle means that Stonewall Security mobile patrol officers can approach any potential criminal acts fast, resulting in catching offenders in the act, or better still, preventing any damage before it is done, including break-ins, or vandalism.

Your eyes and ears

Business owners have enough to worry about, without the added stress of whether their premises is secure when they’re not present. Having mobile patrol security present, up to 24 hours, seven days a week, gives business owners total peace of mind at all times. Mobile patrol officers provide you with a service that not even the best CCTV cameras can offer, and that’s being your eyes and ears when you’re not there while providing regular checks in even the hardest to reach places, which are not always visible on camera.

A cost-effective option

If you’re looking at adding or improving security at your business, then mobile patrols can offer a more cost-effective option. A permanent security guard might be beyond your budget but with mobile patrol officers, you pay for a select number of hours that better suit your price plan. Plus, with mobile patrol officers preventing any potential crime, it could save you in building repairs and criminal damage costs, in the long run.

We’ve simply touched on the many benefits mobile patrol security officers, just like those available at Stonewall Security, can provide. If you’re looking to improve security on your site, then get in touch with our team and we can discuss your specific requirements. At Stonewall Security, we understand that each business has different requirements, which means we’re proud to be able to offer a security solution that works for you and your business.

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