Now more than ever the safety and security of your business is a top priority. Every business has its own unique security needs influenced not only by your line of business but the design and security of your premises and the building function. Read on to find out the top businesses that need security now.

Pharmacies and pharmaceuticals

Drugs and medication are particularly attractive to thieves looking to make a lucrative profit on the black market. From sophisticated and well planned robberies to frauds involving individuals posing as customers, pharma crime has some of the highest rates in the country.

Professional security can safeguard at-risk premises with static guarding and active patrols as a highly visible and active deterrent.

Convenience stores

All retail premises are at risk from theft but there were nearly 3,000 convenience store burglaries last year costing business owners an average £2,000 in goods and damage to premises.

Most of these crimes are opportunistic, targeting businesses with poor security facilities or in areas without CCTV. Particularly in the pandemic, burglars are interested in items that are quick to steal and dispose of and difficult to trace.

Professional security services are a robust solution to the problem. For example, alarm response security puts a fully trained professional at your premises within minutes to respond to an alarm alert situation.

Warehouses and storage

The supersheds that line our motorways are big business, warehousing goods worth millions. It’s hardly surprising that they’re one of the biggest targets for thieves who look out for facilities that are optimised for easy access.

It’s important to remember that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to protecting your business and that it’s worth talking to a professional security company like Stonewall Security.

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