In times like these, having quality business security is more important than ever, protecting your staff, customers and facilities are our number one priority and we aim to do it better than anyone else in the Midlands and across the UK.

Preventing theft from your business and damage to your property

Professionally organized warehouse robberies can cost thousands of pounds and be devastating to your business, especially with more and more sites being empty with staff working from home.

Our business security systems work as both a preventative measure, deterrent, and as a response to any attempts at theft or damage. Alarm response security allows an experienced security guard to respond to an alarm alert at your warehouse in minutes, to prevent and minimize harm.

Everyday shoplifting and vandalism can have a huge impact on your business, more so than organized crime, but with our executive security professionals, your site or store will be in safe hands.

Events Security did right

Security at events has always been of key importance and right now it is paramount that it is handled by a team with experience. At Stonewall Security, we use CCTV and early detection systems to provide preventative security that removes problems before they manifest, keeping your events running smoothly.

We can provide a security service tailored to the needs of your event, from discrete observation to health and safety responsibilities. What’s more, we’ll always have a friendly and helpful demeanor to make your visitors feel welcome and secure.

The Pandemic

Bars are reopening once again across the UK, but with this comes many new regulations that must be enforced by businesses according to the law. Fully trained professional door supervisors provided by us will ensure measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing are properly followed and that non-adherence doesn’t become a problem for your staff.

Very few areas of life haven’t been changed by the pandemic and business security is no exception, read more about what the pandemic means for business security.

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