Purchasing a closed-circuit television system (CCTV) monitoring for your business can be crucial in ensuring your organisation is as secure as possible. Not only can CCTV deter crime, but it can help protect your employees, customers and assets.

Take things up a notch and really make the safety of your staff and organisation paramount by combining high quality CCTV with other security services, like those offered by Stonewall Security. At Stonewall Security, our security officers offer a premium level of security by manning CCTV cameras at all times, sounding the alarm if necessary and providing an extra eye for business owners. Arrange an informal chat with Stonewall and we can talk you through which of our security options best suits you, your business and premises.

Which CCTV system is for you?

There are a number of CCTV systems on the market for business owners to choose from. Of course, it’s no surprise that the better the system, the better the results. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a brief outline of some of the options you might want to explore.

Dome cameras are the most commonly used type of CCTV. Their dome-like housing makes it difficult for people to recognise which way the camera is facing. Dome cameras also have a zoom, pan and tilt feature, which allows a Stonewall security officer to track or focus on a specific item or person on screen.

If you’re wanting 24/7 security, you might want to look at Day/Night CCTV which captures footage in both normal and poorly lit settings.

Of course, other important factors to consider is whether you want wireless cameras for flexible installation, as well as the HD option, for stronger footage.

Getting the right CCTV is important but let’s rewind and have a think about why every business should be incorporating it into their security system.

Internal surveillance

Perhaps you’re a business owner wanting to keep a close eye on your employees? It happens. After all, there might be issues surrounding theft in the workplace, conflict between colleagues, or even concerns that the standard of work has dropped. Introducing a CCTV system provides a discreet option, which means you have an extra regular eye on your staff, without being intrusive.

Lower insurance costs

Think of installing CCTV as an investment. While the initial costs might seem high, business owners could find that their insurance goes down in the long run. Insurance rates can be reduced further if you decide to install CCTV systems internally and externally at your premises.

Staff safety in the workplace

Protecting your employees should be a top priority and installing a CCTV system at your business will undoubtedly ensure your staff feel safer while at work. This particularly applies if your premises is in a remote area, or your employees work shift patterns, especially at night. Giving staff that extra level of confidence and security, shows you’re looking out for their welfare and proves you are going above and beyond to keep them as safe as possible.

Help prevent crime

CCTV systems act as a deterrent for criminals and can help prevent assaults, car thefts and vandalism. Of course, if any of these unfortunate events do take place, having CCTV can provide the necessary evidence to authorities, to help catch those who have committed the crime.

Get in touch with Stonewall Security today to discuss your specific requirements. We’ll be happy to tailor a solution to you and your business.

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