If you’re thinking about adding that extra level of security to your business, then there are plenty of reasons why using static guards, just like those we have at Stonewall Security, will provide the perfect solution for you.

Our static guards are uniformed security officers, who will personally guard your business, organisation or premises, either from the outside or inside. So, why hire static guards?

Prevents unauthorised visitors

Let us begin with the prevention of any unauthorised access. What better way to deter an unwanted visitor than a person in uniform, who is visibly guarding your premises?

As well as helping to avoid unnecessary conflict, the prevention of unauthorised access means that any potential personal data on site, valuable equipment or expensive goods, are no longer at risk of getting into the wrong hands.

Safety of visitors and staff

While they prevent unauthorised access, they act as an additional safety measure for your staff and visitors too.

One of the main benefits to hiring a static guard, like ours at Stonewall Security, is to ensure there is somebody on hand to spot any potential threats to a person’s wellbeing. From assaults, to accidents, these can all be avoided if a business has the right security team in place.

Peace of mind

Having a static guard on site can provide peace of mind to your employees and visitors, not only for their own safety, but for their assets and personal belongings.

With criminal damage and vandalism still occurring, having a static guard on site, patrolling the area and keeping an eye out, often prevents onsite damage to personal goods – and better still, helps you avoid any potentially angry visitors.

Help during pandemic

Of course, with the pandemic ongoing, you might find that now, more than ever, your business needs a static guard. Perhaps you have noticed fewer people on site at the moment and even you, yourself, might not be heading in as much, so maybe you need that piece of mind, while you’re working from home? At Stonewall Security, our static guards suit any organisation, from supermarkets, to warehouses, or offices.

Similarly, your business is a supermarket, or a public place that requires the use of facemasks? Rather than risk the safety of one of your staff members, why not use one of our trained static guards to enforce the law. The static guards at Stonewall Security will ensure those entering the premise are complying with current safety measures, reducing any potential harm to the health of your staff members and visitors.

Helps to avoid potential hazards

Not only do static guards, like ours at Stonewall Security, increase the safety levels of your business, they also keep an eye out for any potential hazardous damage that might occur on site. From fire damage or potential flooding, having a static guard on site, could mean these incidents could easily be avoided.

An extra pair of eyes

Lastly, our static guards can act as your extra pair of eyes and ears. While static guards keep your staff safe, they can also help to ensure your staff are sticking to the rules and regulations you have put in place. Even if it is a no-smoking policy, think of a static guard as your trusted right-hand man.

Get in touch with Stonewall Security today to discuss your specific requirements. We’ll be happy to tailor a solution to you and your business.

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