When it comes to owning and managing a business, we’re all guilty of focussing totally on profit-making and staff productivity – after all, the main goal of any organisation is to make money. But what about the physical security of your company? We get it, you’re busy. And with growing a business eating up so much of your time, prioritising the physical security of your company often gets forgotten about – or at least pushed lower down the pile on your to-do list. Even if you have introduced some sort of security strategy at your business, you might unintentionally be making a few mistakes that could make your organisation vulnerable. After all, all it would take is an innocent slip in security to easily expose your business to criminals. To help, Stonewall Security has put together the seven common security mistakes we see businesses making.

1. Underestimating the importance of security

OK, while this might seem like an obvious one, you might be surprised to hear that some businesses simply don’t appreciate the importance of security. This is a common mistake and one that could cost an organisation, big time. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses only worry about security once an incident has occurred – and by then, serious damage is often done, which could have easily been avoided. As a business owner, you cannot afford to dismiss the need for security at your premises.

If you need a bit more persuasion, let the numbers do the talking. The latest figures reveal that 606,282 crimes were made against businesses across England and Wales in 2018 (the last year that a survey like this was realistically possible due to the coronavirus pandemic) and 103,391 of those were burglaries made against commercial properties. Across the UK the most common of incidents was shoplifting – which accounted for more than half of all business crimes. Furthermore – which might be slightly more surprising – the survey also showed that 9,835 thefts at a business were made internally, by employees. All of these statistics highlight the importance of protecting your business, not only externally but internally too.

2. Not working with the right security company

Once you’ve understood the importance of prioritising security, the next step would be to naturally contact a security company. While there are plenty of potential companies out there, they might not necessarily be able to provide a service to best suit your needs. Plus, when it comes to security, it’s vital that you’re working with a reliable team you can trust.

It’s important that you choose experts in the industry, like those at Stonewall Security, who have the knowledge to create a security package to accurately suit the needs of your business. Better still, if you’re not 100 per cent sure what you’re after, the team at Stonewall Security are ready to support and advise you, to make sure the services you receive are right for your company and at a cost-effective price.

Implementing or improving security on your premises might seem overwhelming but with the right team by your side, the process will soon feel smooth and stress-free.

3. Not placing CCTV strategically

Although CCTV systems are one of the most common forms of security, if the cameras aren’t installed correctly, strategically, or in the right position, then the chances are, they won’t be doing their job and are pretty much pointless.

If you have recently chosen to install CCTV and are considering where to position the cameras, then consider the main entrance and exit points, as well as those areas that are prone to incidents happening. You should also place cameras in highly secure locations of your premises, for example, where lockers, vaults or safety boxes are, as well as heavy-tech areas, like computer server rooms.

Of course, working with the right team of security experts, like those at Stonewall Security, will ensure you are placing CCTV cameras around your premises efficiently.

4. Forgetting about regular security system checks

If you installed a CCTV system at your business years ago and have since totally forgotten about it, then don’t worry – you’re not alone. But forgetting to schedule in annual security system checks is a common mistake and one that could be easily fixed. If you have installed CCTV on your premises, then it’s vital you give them the once over – preferably by a professional – every year to ensure all of the cameras are still functioning correctly.

5. Lack of pre-employment screening

In short, businesses that do not undertake the necessary pre-employment screening process are putting themselves in a vulnerable position.

Although it might be tempting to fast-forward this process to get a member of staff in quicker, not screening new employees could potentially impact your business and other members of your team in the long run. Make sure you have a clear pre-employment screening policy, including criminal background checks.

6. Not considering all types of security

It would be extremely easy to have a brief browse of the internet and quickly pick a security system for your business, based on those five minutes of research.

However, if you are serious about improving security at your premises, then it’s important you consider all the potential security options out there. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be afraid to overlap services, to add that extra level of security to your business. For example, while CCTV is likely to form the foundations of your security strategy, in addition, you might consider hiring static guards – or uniformed officers – like those at Stonewall Security, who will physically guard your premises, and man the area on-foot, able to react quickly if necessary.

7. Not making access points secure

All access points – in other words, entrances – should be secure. Neglecting entrance points, especially if you have more than one, is a common mistake that business owners tend to make if they’re looking to save money. However, failure to make entrance points secure could severely cost a company in the long run.

With this in mind, make sure access points are controlled by some level of security, whether that be a key code, entry card, or even a physical manned guard.

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All business owners are guilty of making mistakes from time to time – after all, you’re only human. That’s why, when it comes to securing your business, you’re best to bring in the experts. Get in touch with Stonewall Security, and our team of trained professionals will support you in fixing any previous security mistakes you might have made while avoiding any in the future. We strive to provide peace of mind at your business, not only for you but for your employees too.

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